Emily Klancher Merchant

2015-16 Neukom Fellow

Emily Klancher Merchant is a postdoctoral fellow in the Neukom Institute for Computational Science, pursuing research in the history of science, technology, and global politics in the twentieth century. She recently completed a Ph.D. in History and a graduate certificate in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) at the University of Michigan, with a dissertation titled “Prediction and Control: Global Population, Population Science, and Population Politics in the Twentieth Century” (2015). This project draws on archival research, oral history interviews, fieldwork in a demography laboratory, and computational analysis of demography literature. The computational component can be viewed at www.emilyklancher.com/digdemog. Dr. Merchant is currently revising her dissertation for publication as a monograph and a series of articles.Dr. Merchant’s seven years of dissertation fieldwork resulted in numerous collaborative publications in environmental history and historical demography, focusing on Mexican migration to the United States, living arrangements of elderly Americans, non-native settlement and land use in the U.S. Great Plains, and the environmental consequences of Great Plains agriculture over the last 150 years. This work has been published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, International Migration Review, Population Research and Policy Review, and Social Science History. Dr. Merchant is also co-editor of two collections of essays that take novel methodological approaches to historical population studies, and has contributed to the production of public-use datasets for historical demography and environmental history.At Dartmouth, Dr. Merchant will be teaching courses that introduce students to digital methods of historical research, with a focus on the history of science and technology, historical demography, and environmental history.

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