Two Sample Exhibitions

As part of our research and teaching, the History Department faculty often collect interesting historical materials: documents, images, even artifacts. Similarly our students also contribute to these collections as part of their course assignments or independent research. From this page you can access material that has been catalogued for our web exhibits.

Révolutions de Paris

Margaret H. Darrow, with the assistance of Marielle Battistoni '11

A collection of all of the illustrations from a major French Revolutionary newspaper, published from July 1789 through February 1794.  Many of these illustrations are the only contemporary visual images that exist of such events as the storming of the Bastille, the trial of Louis XVI, or the execution of the Girondins.  The collection includes one dossier of images with the titles and captions in the original French and a second dossier in which the titles and captions are translated into English. More information is available at the exhibition webpage.

Dartmouth 1820s-1850s

Ore Koren '12

An examination of Dartmouth student opinion during the Jacksonian era, a relatively unstudied part of Dartmouth College history. The exhibit includes transcripts of student petitions, student publications, and the solemn Sophomore ceremony, the Burial of Mathematics, among other documents. More information is available on the exhibition website.