Edward Miller

The Dartmouth Vietnam Project Launched

Are you interested in learning the art of oral history interviewing?  The Dartmouth Vietnam Project (DVP), launched in summer 2014 and sponsored by the History Department, is an experiential learning program that provides a group of Dartmouth students the chance to get hands-on practice in this exciting field of historical research.

The main goal of the DVP is to produce an online archive of oral history interviews with older members of the Dartmouth community (alumni, faculty, staff, NH residents, and others) who want to share their memories and experiences of the Vietnam War and the Vietnam War era.  All of the interviews are conducted by current Dartmouth students.  The interviews are recorded and transcribed, and both the audiofiles and the transcripts are made accessible to the public via the DVP website.

Dartmouth Historian Revisits the Vietnam War (Valley News)

Edward Miller, an associate professor of history, says most American histories of the Vietnam War omit a crucial element, the Vietnamese themselves, the Valley News writes.

“The Vietnam War was a hugely important event in U.S. history, but it has been written about and studied overwhelmingly from the American side. I’m trying to reframe that debate,” says Miller, whose new book is Misalliance: Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and the Fate of South Vietnam.

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