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Students Study Alumnus Known as ‘Korea’s Favorite American’

Growing up in South Korea, Jun Bum Sun ’14 had heard of an American activist who’d advocated for Korean independence. But it wasn’t until he arrived in Hanover that he felt a connection to the man known as “Korea’s favorite American.”

“I’d read about him in history textbooks,” he says. “But I had no idea he was a Dartmouth alumnus.”

The activist was Homer Hulbert of the Class of 1884. After arriving on campus, Jun learned that Hulbert went to Dartmouth.

“It was fascinating,” Jun says. “Why would this American want to help Korea?”

Hulbert became a figure of fascination for Jun, as well as his friend and roommate, Karl Schutz ’14. The two history majors worked as interns last year for the Homer Hulbert Memorial Society in Seoul, South Korea. Now, Jun and Schutz want to help spread Hulbert’s story throughout Korea and across campus.