2021-2022 History Course Schedule

There may be updates or changes to this schedule. Please check this page regularly.

Summer 2021

HIST 8.04/WGSS 26.03 (ARR) History of Sexuality in America (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 10.02 (G) Archival Research and the Production of History (INTER), Professor Musselwhite
HIST 16.02/AAAS 60.01 (J) Plantations and Slavery in the Americas (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Musselwhite
HIST 26/ASCL 54.09 (C) The Vietnam War (INTER), Professor E. Miller
HIST 29/WGSS 26.02 (K) Women and American Radicalism Left and Right (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 33.01 (ARR) Walmart to Wall Street: Excavating American Capitalism Since 1970 (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 34/ARTH 47.01 (E) Building America: An Architectural and Social History (US, pre-1800), Professor Heck
HIST 38.02/NAS 38 (C) Lewis and Clark in Indian Country (US, pre-1800), Professor Calloway
HIST 40.02 (formerly HIST 9.04) (J) Intellectual History of Capitalism (INTER), Professor Link
HIST 41.02/AAAS 62.75/LACS 42.10 (ARR) Race, Gender, and Revolution in the Atlantic World (INTER, pre-1800), Professor Voekel
HIST 64 (D) The Great War (EUR), Professor Petruccelli
HIST 87/LACS 76 (ARR) Culture and Identity in Modern Mexico (AALAC), Professor Voekel
HIST 96.12 (J) Seminar: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in U.S. History (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 96.37 (K) Seminar: Topics in Economic History - States and Economic Development (INTER), Professor Link

Fall 2021

HIST 4.03/MES 2.03 (11) Introduction to the Modern Middle East and North Africa (AALAC), Professor Simon
HIST 5.04/ASCL 10.02 (10) Introduction to Korean Culture (AALAC, pre-1800), Professors Suh and Lim
HIST 5.13/LACS 1.10 (11) Modern Latin America (AALAC), Professor Meléndez-Badillo
HIST 10.04/AAAS 20.01 (10) Dartmouth Black Lives (US), Professor Rabig and Professor Winston
HIST 14/NAS 14 (10) American Indian History: Pre-contact to 1800 (US, pre-1800), Professor Calloway
HIST 25.02 (12) The United States and the World, 1865-1945 (US), Professor Jennifer Miller
HIST 31.01/LATS 20 (10A) Latina/o Social Movements (US), Professor Garcia
HIST 36 (11) Health Care in American Society: History and Current Issues (US), Professor Koop
HIST 38.04/NAS 56 (TBD) Indigenous North American Borderlands (US, pre-1800), Professor Crandall
HIST 43.01 (TBD) European Intellectual and Cultural History, 400-1300 (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Meehan
HIST 49 (10) Early Modern England, 1485-1790 (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Estabrook
HIST 71 (10A) Violence and Conflict in the Middle East (AALAC), Professor Simon
HIST 74/ASCL 64.13 (2A) Intellectual History of East Asia (AALAC, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Crossley
HIST 77/ASCL 80.08 (TBD) Imperialism in Modern East Asia (AALAC), Professor Mills
HIST 78.04/ASCL 64.14 (12) Slaves and Rebels in Korea, 1392-1910 (AALAC, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Suh
HIST 82.04 (12) Transnational Utopias: Latin American Anarchisms (AALAC), Professor Meléndez-Badillo
HIST 85 (2) African Diaspora: The Americas and the Caribbean (AALAC), Professor Campbell
HIST 90.11/GOVT 60.23 (2A) Law and Empire (INTER), Professor Lhost
HIST 90.13/NAS 30.22 (10A) Placing History: A Exploration of Local History through Archives, Fieldwork, & Digital Maps (US), Professor Mikecz
HIST 94.05/CLST 17 (10) Roman History: The Republic (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Stewart
HIST 96.38 (10A) Senior Seminar: Crisis and Continuity in Twentieth-Century U.S. Social Movements (US),  Professor Rabig
HIST 96.39 (3A) Senior Seminar: Saints and Relics (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Gaposchkin
HIST 98 (3A) Honors Seminar, Professor J. Miller

History London Foreign Study Program

Winter 2022

HIST 1 (10) Turning Points in American History (US, pre-1800) Professors Bonner and Butler
HIST 3.01 (11) Europe in the Age of Wonder (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professors Gaposchkin and Simons
HIST 5.01/AAAS 14 (10A) Pre-Colonial African History (AALAC, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Sackeyfio-Lenoch
HIST 8.01 (10) Body Parts, Body Wholes: An Introduction to the Comparative History of Medicine (INTER), Professor Suh
HIST 17/AAAS 13 (TBD) Black America Since the Civil War (US), Professor Tucker-Price
HIST 23 (TBD) American History Since 1980 (US), Professor Rabig
HIST 33 (TBD) Asian American History (US), Professor Man
HIST 38.03/NAS 51 (TBD) Pan-Indianism in American History (US, pre-1800), Professor Crandall
HIST 43.03 (12) European Intellectual and Cultural History, 1800-Present (EUR), Professor Greenberg
HIST 45 (2A) Early Modern Europe (1300-1650), (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Pirillo
HIST 52 (2) Modern Germany, 1870-1990 (EUR), Professor Greenberg
HIST 69/AAAS 53/REL 74.17 (2) Islam in Africa (AALAC), Professor Baum
HIST 70 (2A) Gender and the Modern Middle East and North Africa (AALAC), Professor Simon
HIST 75/AAAS 50/ASCL 54.07/ENVS 45 (10) Colonialism, Development, and the Environment in Africa and Asia (AALAC), Professor Haynes
HIST 78.03/ASCL 64.05 (12) The Two Koreas, 1945-Present (AALAC), Professor Suh
HIST 79/ASCL 64.12 (TBD) Postwar Japan: From Occupied Nation to Economic Superpower (AALAC), Professor Mills
HIST 94.16/CLST 11.19 (TBD) Before Billboards and Twitter: Roman Coins as Text (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Stewart
HIST 96.03 (2A) Seminar: Topics in British History (EUR), Professor Estabrook
HIST 96.08/NAS 81 (2A) Seminar: Pen and Ink Witchcraft (US, pre-1800), Professor Calloway
HIST 96.23 (2A) Seminar: Topics in West African History (AALAC), Professor Sackeyfio-Lenoch
HIST 99.01 (TBD) Honors Thesis, Professor J. Miller

Spring 2022

HIST 3.03 (11) Europe in the Age of Violence (EUR), Professor Greenberg
HIST 4.01 (TBD) The Crusades (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Meehan
HIST 5.05/ASCL 64.11 (TBD) The Emergence of Modern Japan (AALAC), Professor Mills
HIST 8.06/LACS 8 (11) The History of Food (INTER), Professor Garcia
HIST 12 (9L) The Civil War Era: From Rebellion to Revolution (US), Professor Bonner
HIST 15/NAS 15 (10) American Indian History: 1800-1924 (US), Professor Calloway
HIST 19 (12) United States Political History in the Twentieth Century (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 28/WGSS 23.02 (2) American Women in the 20th Century (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 31.01/LATS 20 (TBD) Latina/o Social Movements (US), Professor Castro
HIST 31.02/LACS 40.10 (11) Migrant Nation: Immigration and Racialization in the Making of the United States (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 43.02 (2A) European Intellectual and Cultural History, 1400-1800 (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Pirillo
HIST 50 (10) Modern Britain, 1780-present (EUR), Professor Estabrook
HIST 61 (2A) Britain and the Sea (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Estabrook
HIST 76/ASCL 54.08 (10) From Colonial India to Post-Independence South Asia (AALAC), Professor Lhost
HIST 82.01/LACS 31 (11) The Politics of Natural Disaster in Latin America (AALAC), Professor Meléndez-Badillo
HIST 90.12 (10A) Animal Histories in the Americas (INTER), Professor Barlow Robles
HIST 92.02/AAAS 62/LACS 54 (TBD) Nationalism and Revolution in the Caribbean (AALAC), Professor Chochotte
HIST 92.06/RUSS 15 (TBD) Russia & the West, From Early Times to Present Day (EUR), Professor Finkel
HIST 94.03/CLST 14 (2) Greek History: Archaic and Classical Greece (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Christesen
HIST 96.01 (3A) Seminar: Colonialism and Culture in Asia and Africa (AALAC), Professor Haynes
HIST 96.28 (TBD) Seminar: America in the 1970s (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 96.29 (6B) Seminar: Debating Democracy in the Nineteenth Century (US), Professor Butler
HIST 99.02 (TBD) Honors Thesis, Professor J. Miller