2022-2023 History Course Schedule

Please check this page regularly for updates to the course schedule. 

Summer 2022

HIST 5.08/AAAS 19 (2A) Africa and the World (INTER), Professor Sackeyfio-Lenoch
HIST 8.02 (10) Making of the Modern World Economy (INTER), Professor Link
HIST 10.02 (10A) Archival Research and the Production of History (INTER), Professor Sackeyfio-Lenoch
HIST 29/WGSS 26.02 (2A) Women and American Radicalism Left and Right (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 33.01 (2A) Walmart to Wall Street: Excavating American Capitalism Since 1970 (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 38.02/NAS 38 (10A) Lewis and Clark in Indian Country (US, pre-1800), Professor Calloway
HIST 70.02/MES 12.13 (11) Modern Iran (AALAC), Professor Nikpour
HIST 80/LACS 50.13 (10) History of Capitalism in Latin America (AALAC, pre-1800), Professor Voekel
HIST 87/LACS 76 (2) Culture and Identity in Modern Mexico (AALAC), Professor Voekel
HIST 96.12 (10A) Seminar: Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in U.S. History (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 96.37 (3A) Seminar: Topics in Economic History (INTER), Professor Link

FALL 2022

HIST 2 (11) #EverythingHasAHistory: Understanding America Today (US), Professor Rabig
HIST 4.03/MES 2.03 (TBD) Introduction to the Modern Middle East and North Africa (AALAC), Professor Nikpour
HIST 5.04/ASCL 10.02 (10) Introduction to Korean Culture (AALAC, pre-1800), Professors Suh and Kim
HIST 5.13/LACS 1.10 (10A) Modern Latin America (AALAC), Professor Meléndez-Badillo
HIST 5.14 (12) The Americas from Invasion to Independence (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professors Mercado-Montero and Musselwhite
HIST 10.04/AAAS 20.01 (9L) Dartmouth Black Lives (US), Professor Rabig
HIST 12 (9L) The Civil War Era: From Rebellion to Revolution (US), Professor Bonner
HIST 14/NAS 14 (10) The Invasion of America: American Indian History, Pre-Contact to 1800 (US, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Calloway
HIST 18 (10) United States Political History in the Nineteenth Century (US), Professor Butler
HIST 19 (10A) United States Political History in the Twentieth Century (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 31.01/LATS 20 (TBD) Latina/o Social Movements (US), Professor Garcia
HIST 31.02/LACS 40.10 (2A) Migrant Nation: Immigration and Racialization in the Making of the United States (US), Professor Moreton
HIST 41.01 (10) Empires and Nations (EUR), Professor Petruccelli
HIST 41.02/AAAS 62.75/LACS 42.10 (2) Race, Gender, & Revolution in the Atlantic World, Professor Voekel
HIST 43.02 (11) European Intellectual and Cultural History, 1400-1800 (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor McMahon
HIST 49 (10) Early Modern England, 1485-1780 (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Estabrook
HIST 52 (2) Modern Germany, 1870-1990 (EUR), Professor Greenberg
HIST 64 (12) The Great War and the Transformation of Europe (EUR), Professor Petruccelli
HIST 69/AAAS 53/REL 74.17 (10) Islam in Africa (AALAC), Professor Baum
HIST 72.02 (TBD) Nomad Rulers and the Origins of the Modern World (AALAC, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Crossley
HIST 78.04/ASCL 64.14 (12) Slaves and Rebels in Korea, 1392-1910 (AALAC, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Suh
HIST 82.04/LACS 46.60 (12) Transnational Utopias: Latin American Anarchisms (AALAC), Professor Meléndez-Badillo
HIST 92.01/AAAS 61/LACS 59 (TBD) Caribbean History: 1898 to the Present (AALAC), Professor Chochotte
HIST 92.03/AAAS 60/LACS 58 (TBD) Slavery and Emancipation in Latin America and the Caribbean (AALAC), Professor Chochotte
HIST 94.05/CLST 17 (TBD) Roman History: The Republic (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Stewart
HIST 96.29 (6B) Seminar: Debating Democracy in the Nineteenth Century (US), Professor Butler
HIST 96.33 (TBD) Seminar: Global History of Human Rights (INTER), Professor Nikpour
HIST 96.34 (London FSP) Seminar: London Archives (INTER), Professors Bonner and Gaposchkin
HIST 98 (3B) Honors Seminar, Professor Musselwhite

History London Foreign Study Program

Winter 2023

HIST 1 (11) Turning Points in American History (US, pre-1800) Professor Bonner
HIST 3.01 (11) Europe in the Age of Wonder (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professors Gaposchkin and Simons
HIST 9.02 (3A) Sex and Gender in Modern Europe (EUR), Professor Greenberg
HIST 5.05/ASCL 64.11 (2) The Emergence of Modern Japan (AALAC), Professor Ericson
HIST 20 (10) American Thought and Culture to 1865 (US, pre-1800), Professor Butler
HIST 23 (9L) American History Since 1980 (US), Professor Rabig
HIST 27/WGSS 23.01 (2) Gender and Power in American History from the Colonial Period to the Civil War (US, pre-1800), Professor Butler
HIST 25.02 (11) The United States and the World, 1865-1945 (US) Professor J. Miller
HIST 43.03 (2) European Intellectual and Cultural History, 1800 to the present (EUR), Professor Greenberg
HIST 75/AAAS 50/ASCL 54.07/ENVS 45 (11) Colonialism, Development, and the Environment in Africa and Asia (AALAC), Professor Haynes
HIST 77/ASCL 80.08 (11) Imperialism in Modern East Asia (AALAC), Professor Ericson
HIST 82.01/LACS 31 (10A) The Politics of Natural Disaster in Latin America (AALAC), Professor Meléndez-Badillo
HIST 90.14 (TBD) The Global British Empire from 1600 - Present (INTER), Professor Bains
HIST 94.16/CLST 11.19 (TBD) Before Billboards and Twitter: Roman Coins as Text (EUR, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Stewart
HIST 96.03 (2A) Seminar: Topics in British History (EUR), Professor Estabrook
HIST 96.08/NAS 81.03 (10A) Seminar: Pen and Ink Witchcraft: Native American History Through Treaties (US, pre-1800), Professor Calloway
HIST 99.01 (ARR (to be arranged with Prof. Musselwhite)) Honors Thesis, Professor Musselwhite

Spring 2023

HIST 3.03 (12) Europe in the Age of Violence (EUR), Professor Petruccelli
HIST 8 (10) Body Parts, Body Wholes: An Introduction to the Comparative History of Medicine (INTER), Professor Suh
HIST 8.06/LACS 8.01 (TBD) History of Food (INTER), Professor Garcia
HIST 15/NAS 15 (10) American Indians and American Expansion: 1800 to 1924 (US), Professor Calloway
HIST 16.02/AAAS 60.01 (10) Plantations and Slavery in the Americas (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Musselwhite
HIST 19 (12) United States Political History in the Twentieth Century (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 25.03 (11) The United States and the World Since 1945 (US), Professor J. Miller
HIST 28/WGSS 23.02 (2) American Women's History in the Twentieth Century (US), Professor Orleck
HIST 40.02 (6B) The Intellectual History of Capitalism (INTER), Professor Link
HIST 47 (12) The French Revolution and Napoleon (EUR, pre-1800), Professor McMahon
HIST 50 (10) Modern Britain, 1780-present (EUR), Professor Estabrook
HIST 61 (2A) Britain and the Sea (INTER, pre-1700/pre-1800), Professor Estabrook
HIST 76/ASCL 54.08 (12) From Colonial India to Post-Independence South Asia (AALAC), Professor Haynes
HIST 78.03/ASCL 64.05 (12) The Two Koreas, 1948-Present (AALAC), Professor Suh
HIST 79/ASCL 64.12 (10A) Postwar Japan: From Occupied Nation to Economic Superpower (AALAC), Professor Ericson
HIST 92.02/AAAS 62/LACS 54 (TBD) Nationalism and Revolution in the Caribbean (AALAC), Professor Chochotte
HIST 92.06/RUSS 15 (TBD) Russia and the West: From Early Times to the Present Day (EUR), Professor Finkel
HIST 92.07/AAAS 61.05/LACS 39 (TBD) Black Agrarian Democracy: Haitian History from Revolution to the Fall of the Duvalier Dictatorship (AALAC), Professor Chochotte
HIST 94.09/JWST 11 (TBD) History and Culture of the Jews II: The Modern Period (INTER), Professor Naor
HIST 96.07 (6B) Seminar: Topics in Modern Japanese History (AALAC), Professor Ericson
HIST 96.25 (2A) Seminar: World War II in the Pacific, 1931-1945 (INTER), Professor J. Miller
HIST 96.27 (6A) Seminar: Great Historians: Classic Works from Herodotus to DuBois (INTER, pre-1800), Professor McMahon
HIST 99.02 (ARR (to be arranged with Prof. Musselwhite)) Honors Thesis, Professor Musselwhite