Interregional and Comparative

These are courses which fulfill our Interregional and Comparative requirements. Full course descriptions are available on our other curriculum pages.


HIST 4.01         The Crusades

HIST 5.08         Africa and the World (X-list: AAAS 19)

HIST 8.01         Body Parts, Body Wholes: An Introduction to the Comparative History of Medicine

HIST 8.02        The Making of the Modern World Economy, 1800-2014

HIST 8.04        The History of Sexuality (X-list: WGSS 26.03)

HIST 8.05         International History of Human Rights

HIST 8.06        History of Food (X-list: LACS 8)

HIST 8.07        History of Equality

HIST 8.08        Horse History

HIST 9.01        The Americas from Invasion to Independence

HIST 9.03        The Global Thirties: Economics and Politics during the Depression

HIST 9.04        The Intellectual History of Capitalism

HIST 10         “What is History?”

HIST 26         The Vietnam War

HIST 41.02    Race, Gender and Revolution in the Atlantic World

HIST 53         World War II: Ideology, Experience, Legacy

HIST 61         Britain and the Sea

HIST 91.01    Christians, Jews and Muslims in the Age of the Crusades (X-list: REL 33/JWST 36.01)

HIST 91.02    Christianity and Conversion in the Northern World: Vikings, Celts and Anglo-Saxons (X-list: REL 34)

HIST 94.03      Greek History: Archaic and Classical Greece (X-list: CLST 14)

HIST 94.04      Alexander the Great and Macedonian Kings (X-list: CLST 15)

HIST 94.05      Roman History: The Republic (X-list: CLAS 17)

HIST 94.06      History of the Roman Empire (X-list: CLST 18)

HIST 94.07      Methods and Theory in Ancient History (X-list: CLST 19)

HIST 94.08      History & Culture of the Jews: The Classcal Period (X-list: JWST 10)

HIST 94.09      History & Culture of the Jews: The Modern Period (X-list: JWST 11)

HIST 96.02      Seminar: Empires, Imperialism and the United States 

HIST 96.25      Seminar: World War II in the Pacific

HIST 96.13      Colloquium: Introduction to Global Methods