Interregional and Comparative

These are courses which fulfill our Interregional and Comparative requirements. Full course descriptions are available on our other curriculum pages.

 HIST 8.01         Body Parts, Body Wholes: An Introduction to the Comparative History of Medicine

HIST 8.02        The Making of the Modern World Economy, 1800-2014

HIST 8.04        The History of Sexuality

HIST 8.06        History of Food

HIST 8.07        History of Equality

HIST 9.01        Empires and Colonies in North America, 1500-1763

HIST 9.03        The Global Thirties: Economics and Politics during the Depression

HIST 9.04        The Intellectual History of Capitalism

HIST 10         “What is History?”

HIST 26         The Vietnam War

HIST 53         World War II: Ideology, Experience, Legacy

HIST 57         Scientific Revolutions and Modern Society

HIST 61         Britain and the Sea

HIST 62         The First World War

HIST 63.02    Reading Artifacts: The Material Culture of Science

HIST 94.3      Greek History: Archaic and Classical Greece (X-list: CLST 14)

HIST 94.4      Alexander the Great and Macedonian Kings (X-list: CLST 15)

HIST 94.5      Roman History: The Republic (X-list: CLST 17)

HIST 94.7      Methods and Theory in Ancient History (X-list: CLST 19)

HIST 96.02    Seminar: Empires, Imperialism and the United States 

HIST 96.13    Colloquium: Introduction to Global Methods