2013 and earlier

Please note that information about the Standard History Major has changed. All current and incoming students graduating in or after 2014 should refer to the New Standard Major information. The Standard Major in History (Class of 2013 and before) comprises the successful completion of at least ten History courses, and other requirements as described here.

Course Requirements

Students must take at least one course from each of these areas:

  1. United States (such courses are designated Major Dist: US on the 19s-21shistschedcrs.pdf);
  2. Europe (designated Major Dist: EUR on the 19s-21shistschedcrs.pdf);
  3. Africa, Asia, Latin America & Caribbean (designated Major Dist: AALAC on the 19s-21shistschedcrs.pdf);
  4. Interregional (designated Major Dist: INTER on the 19s-21shistschedcrs.pdf).

At least five History courses must be taken in residence at Dartmouth College, one of them being the upperclass seminar (HIST 96).

Field of Concentration

Students must take at least five additional History courses in a geographic, chronological or thematic concentration selected in consultation with a faculty adviser. See our list of possible concentrations (pdf).

Chronological Distribution

Among the ten courses required for the Standard Major, each student must include either two pre-1700 courses or three pre-1800 courses. On the 19s-21shistschedcrs.pdf, courses fulfilling the pre-1700 requirement are designated <1700, while <1800 designates those fulfilling the pre-1800 requirement.

Culminating Experience

For members of the Class of 2016 and earlier, a culminating experience in the form of an upperclass seminar (HIST 96) taken in the general area of the proposed geographic, chronological or thematic concentration.

Limits and Exclusions

  1. HIST 7 (First-Year Seminar) and History 98 (Honors Seminar) may not be counted toward the major.
  2. Students may not include more than two of the following courses: HIST 1, 2 or 3.
  3. Students may not use more than two upperclass seminars (HIST 96) or two independent study courses (History 97) in satisfying the major requirements.
  4. Major GPA is figured on all History courses taken.
  5. The Department will consider approving transfer credits for History majors and non-majors only for History courses taken at institutions with which Dartmouth College has institutional exchange programs (see our transfer credit policy).