Foreign Study

Institutional Affiliation

The program is affiliated with the Department of History of University College London, and students will have access to library and recreational facilities available to University College London students.


The History FSP consists of the following three courses (all three must be taken):

History 95.01: London in History

  • Through lectures, readings, discussions, and fieldwork this course explores aspects of London's history from medieval to modern times. Using the city itself as a living laboratory for historical thinking, the course relates the development of London and its neighborhoods to the larger concentric histories of nation, region, empire, and world.

History 95.02: History Study Abroad

  • Graded credit for this course is awarded to students who have successfully completed an approved course offered by the History faculty of University College London while a member of the Dartmouth Foreign Study Program in History. Selections for previous terms include: "The Human and Its Others: Enlightenment Ideas of Ethnicity and Race"; "Crime and Popular Disorder in England, 1714-1780"; "Penal Era or Golden Age? Ireland 1689-1801"; "Remembering Slavery"; and "Law's Empire: Legal Cultures in the British Colonial World."

History 97.90: Independent Field Project

Living Arrangements

Students live in flats in central London, within easy reach to UCL, theaters, museums and other famous historical sites. All flats have a comfortable living room, with television and wireless internet, and kitchens with a full range of crockery and utensils.  Students will need to provide for their own meals.

Criteria for Admission

The size of the program is limited and admission is selective. You do not have to be a History major to apply, but before arrival in London participants should have taken two courses in History. Application to the program includes submission of a proposal for an independent field project (History 97) on a topic in British, European, or world history that makes use of London's exceptional research opportunities. Members of the History Department are available to advise applicants on the merit and feasibility of their project ideas.

Applications can be found on the Off-Campus Programs site.