Undergraduate Research Database

The searchable database below documents hundreds of works of historical research completed by Dartmouth undergraduates since the early twentieth century. Included are theses (the earliest from the 1930s, most of which are also available at Rauner library), the titles of research papers completed over the past two decades for our Foreign Study Program, and prize-winning essays (most but not all completed in our capstone sequence of "History 96"). Most recent work is tagged to an advisor.  

The aggregation of this list was made possible by a Seed Grant from the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning. Current and prospective Dartmouth students should visit the "History Hub" on the second floor of Carson Hall to explore the range of opportunities for students to apply the principles of experiential learning to historical research. Material related to our FSP, our Honors Program, Oral History initiatives, and Dartmouth History is gathered there, as are a sampling of past theses and published scholarship written by alumni who went on to become professional historians.