Honors Theses By Year

2021 Honors Theses

Jonathan Briffault, "A Tale of Two Titans: William Randolph Hearst, Lord Northcliffe, and the Power of the Press in the Transatlantic Age of Reform" (advisor: prof. Stefan Link)

Daniel Bring, "The American Reception of Rousseau, 1760-1850" (advisor: prof. Darrin McMahon)

Jenna Gallagher, "Anti-Circumcision Discourses in Sudan (1979-2003): Political Contexts and the Growth of a Movement" (advisor: prof. Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch)*

Natalia Henry, "Shifting Means and Constant Ends: the Carter Doctrine and the Evolution of President Carter's Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf" (advisor: prof. Golnar Nikpour)

Womsikuk James, "The Shiv Sena: The History of a Political Movement and its Transitional Phases" (advisor: prof. Douglas Haynes)*

Lily Johnson, "Family Ties and Revolutionary Spies: The Culper Spy Ring's Use of Personal Networks and Long Island's Rebellious History to Gather Accurate Intelligence" (advisor: prof. Paul Musselwhite)

Jacob Maguire, "Towards an Understanding of Hispanophone Relations in the Age of the "Neoliberal Paradigm": Socialist Spain's Promotion of Democracy, Markets, and Free Enterprise in Argentina and Cuba, 1982-1996" (advisor: prof. Pamela Voekel)

Maryfer Mendoza, "Tijuana La Zona Norte, An In-Between Zone: The Evolution of Vice-Industry and Policy on the U.S.-Mexico Border" (advisor: prof. Annelise Orleck)*

Fionnuala Murphy, "Un Sueño Para Vender: The Economics of Memory and The Malvinas War in Argentinian Political Discourse, 1989-2015" (advisor: prof. Jorell Meléndez-Badillo)*

Annie Ogden, "Corporate Charter Schools: The New Vision of Urban American Education" (advisor: prof. Annelise Orleck)

Owen Ritz, "The Golden Age of Free Trade: Richard Cobden and Michel Chevalier's Nineteenth-Century American Bildungsroman" (advisor: prof. Stefan Link)

Olivia Scott, "(Re)Fashioning the Puritan: The Evolution of the societal and Sartorial Landscape of 17th-Century Massachusetts" (advisor: prof. Paul Musslewhite)*

David Velona, "Provocation, Weaponized Irony, and the Distortion of Discourse: A Case Study of The Dartmouth Review" (advisor: prof. Bethany Moreton)

*Received High Honors