Course Schedule

The course schedule table below shows the course schedules for 2023-24 and 2024-25. You can also view each course schedule as a list by going to the 2023-24 course schedule and 2024-25 course schedule pages in the menu. Note that course schedules are subject to change.

You can filter this course schedule table by the following fields: term, class hour, course number, Class of 2024 and beyond major distributives (geographic region and modern/premodern chronological distribution), and course type. Use the checkboxes in each filter to view courses that meet the criteria you select. To select only one field in a filter, hover over the field and select ONLY. For example, If you would like to view only Spring 2024 classes, click on the Term filter, hover over "24S" and select ONLY. You can also sort columns by clicking the column header. For example, to sort the table by the geographic distribution, click on "Region" in the header.

Course titles in this table are linked to their course descriptions in the ORC (some classes may not link if they are not yet in the ORC).

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Geographic Distribution (Region) Abbreviations

Africa (AFR); Asia; Europe (EUR); Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC); Middle East (ME); United States (US)

Course Curriculum

Find our course descriptions in the ORC.