History FAQs for First Year and New Students

Courses Suitable for First Year Students

Not sure where to start in the History Department? Try one of the following courses that are especially suitable for first year students! Please note that the schedule is subject to change.

Fall Term 2022:

HIST 1 (10) Turning Points in American History, Professor Bonner
HIST 2 (11) #EverythingHasAHistory: Understanding America Today, Professors Rabig and Barthé
HIST 4.03/MES 2.03 (10) Introduction to the Modern Middle East and North Africa, Professor Nikpour
HIST 5.04/ASCL 10.02 (10A) Introduction to Korean Culture, Professors Suh and Kim
HIST 5.05/ASCL 64.11 (2) The Emergence of Modern Japan, Professor Ericson
HIST 5.14 (12) The Americas from Invasion to Independence, Professors Mercado-Montero and Musselwhite
HIST 8.04/WGSS 26.03 (3A) History of Sexuality in America, Professor Moreton

Winter Term 2023:

HIST 3.01 (10) Europe in the Age of Wonder, Professors Gaposchkin and Simons
HIST 5.01/AAAS 14 (2) Pre-Colonial African History, Professor Campbell
HIST 5.11/ASCL 54.11 (2) Gandhi, Twentieth Century India and the World, Professor Carson
HIST 9.07/WGSS 66 (3A) Sex and Gender in Modern Europe, Professor Greenberg

Spring Term 2023:

HIST 4.01 (2) The Crusades, Professor Meehan
HIST 4.03/MES 2.03 (12) Introduction to the Modern Middle East and North Africa (AALAC), Professor Simon
HIST 8.06/LACS 8.01 (9L) History of Food, Professor Garcia