Dartmouth Undergraduate Historical Review

Dartmouth Undergraduate Historical Review

The Dartmouth Undergraduate Historical Review is Dartmouth College's student-run journal of history. They print scholarly articles online biannually, in June and January. Read their mission below:

The mission of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Historical Review is to encourage historical research and discourse among undergraduate students at Dartmouth and beyond. We inspire members to think critically about global history through scholarship. Our contributors employ investigative writing and editing skills to advance their arguments. Our goal is to motivate in-depth examinations of the global past from the viewpoints of undergraduate students.

The Review receives and publishes submissions annually from undergraduate students across the nation. Our articles are reviewed by our Editorial Board before publication.

Visit their website for more information. For questions and media inquiries, please email The.Dartmouth.Undergraduate.Historical.Review@dartmouth.edu.

2022-23 Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Farah Lindsey-Almadani '25

Vice President-in-Chief: Zhenia Dubrova '24

Treasurer: Jonah Manso '25

Managing Editor: Jessica Hilton '25

Secretary: Noor Najeeb '25

Editors: Heather Wang '25, Ore James '25, Brian Arruda '25

Faculty Advisor: Cecilia Gaposchkin