Class of 2014 History Honors Students

List of Honors Theses for the Class of 2014:

John Descalzi, “Asserting Autonomy: The Role of Tanaka Kakuei in Japanese Policymaking, 1969-1974” (Advisor: Ericson)

Maria Fernandez, “Cultural Politics and Marxist Aesthetics in Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-1965” (Advisor: Goldthree)

George Helding, “’Curing the Ills of Democracy’: Party Reform and the Emergence of the Modern Democratic Party After the Fall of the Liberal Consensus (1964-1972)” (Advisor: Orleck)

Ellen Nye, “Shivering in Silk: The East India Company’s Trade in Safavid Persia and Changing Royal Policy, 1600-1709” (Advisor: Estabrook)

Andrew Shanahan, “Nation Building and the Struggle for Order in the Creation of the Northwest Territories” (Advisor: Calloway)

Louis Wheatley, “Matriotism: American Motherhood in Protest Against World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War” (Advisor: Orleck)

Diandra Wong, “Dilemmas of Citizenship: The Overseas Chinese, Ngo Dinh Diem, and National Identity in 1950s South Vietnam” (Advisor: E. Miller)