The Department of History Congratulates the Class of 2021

The Department of History congratulates and bids a fond farewell to 61 History majors and minors, including thirteen honors thesis writers and a senior fellow, in the Class of 2021.

Honors thesis students and the senior fellow, one of only five each year, spent their senior year working on these significant projects. 

Senior Fellow: Jordan McDonald '21,  "Trust and Believe: Essays on the Black Indoors, Popular Skepticism, and the Critical Inheritance of the 'House Slave'," 

2021 Honors Students and Thesis Titles:

*Jonathan Briffault, "A Tale of Two Titans: William Randolph Hearst, Lord Northcliffe, and the Power of the Press in the Transatlantic Age of Reform" (advisor: Prof. Stefan Link)

*Daniel Bring, "The American Reception of Rousseau, 1760-1850" (advisor: Prof. Darrin McMahon)

**Jenna Gallagher, "Anti-Circumcision Discourses in Sudan (1979-2003): Political Contexts and the Growth of a Movement" (advisor: Prof. Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch)

*Natalia Henry, "Shifting Means and Constant Ends: the Carter Doctrine and the Evolution of President Carter's Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf" (advisor: Prof. Golnar Nikpour)

**Womsikuk James, "The Shiv Sena: The History of a Political Movement and its Transitional Phases" (advisor: Prof. Douglas Haynes)

*Lily Johnson, "Family Ties and Revolutionary Spies: The Culper Spy Ring's Use of Personal Networks and Long Island's Rebellious History to Gather Accurate Intelligence" (advisor: Prof. Paul Musselwhite)

*Jacob Maguire, "Towards an Understanding of Hispanophone Relations in the Age of the "Neoliberal Paradigm": Socialist Spain's Promotion of Democracy, Markets, and Free Enterprise in Argentina and Cuba, 1982-1996" (advisor: Prof. Pamela Voekel)

**Maryfer Mendoza, "Tijuana La Zona Norte, An In-Between Zone: The Evolution of Vice-Industry and Policy on the U.S.-Mexico Border" (advisor: Prof. Annelise Orleck)

**Fionnuala Murphy, "Un Sueño Para Vender: The Economics of Memory and The Malvinas War in Argentinian Political Discourse, 1989-2015" (advisor: Prof. Jorell Meléndez-Badillo)

*Annie Ogden, "Corporate Charter Schools: The New Vision of Urban American Education" (advisor: Prof. Annelise Orleck)

*Owen Ritz, "The Golden Age of Free Trade: Richard Cobden and Michel Chevalier's Nineteenth-Century American Bildungsroman" (advisor: Prof. Stefan Link)

**Olivia Scott, "(Re)Fashioning the Puritan: The Evolution of the societal and Sartorial Landscape of 17th-Century Massachusetts" (advisor: Prof. Paul Musslewhite)

*David Velona, "Provocation, Weaponized Irony, and the Distortion of Discourse: A Case Study of The Dartmouth Review" (advisor: Prof. Bethany Moreton)

  * Honors
** High Honors