Carl B. Estabrook

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Associate Professor of History

Carl Estabrook, a native New Englander, is the British historian here at Dartmouth. Professor Estabrook's courses cover the history of Britain from the late 15th century up to the 1990s. Most applicants to the Department's London FSP should get to know him. His early research took him to the pastoral West Country of England where the great maritime city of Bristol flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries. The impact of a celebrated urban revival on the social and cultural lives of villagers in this period is the subject of Professor Estabrook's first book. He moved on from there to York, Winchester, Canterbury, and several other English cathedral cities to explore the ambivalent relationship between Anglican cathedrals and the civic communities surrounding them during the turbulent 17th century. He has an on-going interest in the evolution of English parochialism and xenophobia during the period of Atlantic exploration. His current research project investigates the effects of financial scandals on public discourse in England during the late 17th and early 18th centuries.


Carson Hall, Room C207
HB 6107


  • B.A. Yale University
  • M.A. Brown University
  • Ph.D. Brown University

Selected Publications

  • “Ritual, Space and Authority in Seventeenth-century English Cathedral Cities,” The Journal of Interdisciplinary History , 32:4 (Spring 2002).

  • Urbane and Rustic England: Cultural Ties and Social Spheres in the Provinces, 1660-1780 , (1999).

Works In Progress

When the Bubble Burst: Financial Scandal and Public Awareness in England, 1690-1730 ; Cathedral and Community in Seventeenth-century England