David Lagomarsino

Academic Appointments
  • Associate Professor Emeritus of History

  • Charles Hansen Professor Emeritus

Trained at Harvard University in the U.S. and Cambridge University in England, Professor Lagomarsino's field is early modern Europe with particular emphasis on Spain. Besides courses on early modern Europe and on Spain's "Golden Age," he teaches a research seminar on 16th-17th century Europe, a first-year seminar on the European conflict that culminated in the launching of the Spanish Armada, and he collaborates in History 3. His own research concentrates on the institutions of the Habsburg monarchy in Spain, and particularly on the court of Philip II.

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311 Carson Hall
HB 6107


History, Medieval and Renaissance Studies


  • A.B. Harvard College
  • Ph.D. Cambridge University

Selected Publications

  • “Death and the Spanish Habsburgs,” paper presented at the Monarchies Symposium, (October 1990)

  • The Trial of Charles I. A Documentary History , edited with C. T. Wood, (1989).

  • ATLAS (a graphics management program) co-developed with L. Spitzer and the Courseware Development Group, (1986).

  • “Furió Ceriol y la ‘Pragmática de las cortesías’,” Estudis, 8 (1979-1980) 87-104.

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Works In Progress

  • Philip II and the Netherlands. A Case Study in Early Modern Government

  • Correspondencia holográfica del Rey Felipe II con el Conde de Feria (1558-59)

  • Guide to field recordings gathered in the Welsh Colony in Patagonia