Independent Study & Honors


Independent Study

This course offers an opportunity for a student to pursue some subject of special interest under the direction of a member of the Department through a specially designed program of readings and reports.

D.F.S.P. Independent Field Project

In consultation with members of the Dartmouth faculty, each student will design and carry out an independent project which makes use of London’s unique research opportunities. The project may relate to any aspect of British, European, and World History.

Prerequisite: membership in the Foreign Study Program.


Honors Seminar

The focus of the seminar is historiographic and great emphasis will be placed on the skills needed to write a research thesis in History. Only students enrolled in the Honors Program may take History 98; permission of the instructor. This course does not fulfill the requirement of a culminating experience in the Major and it may be taken only once. McMahon.



This course involves an extensive investigation of some topic and submission of a bound undergraduate thesis by the designated deadline. Only students enrolled in the Honors Program may take History 99; permission of the thesis advisor and the Chair.