Pamela Crossley is a guest on the podcast "Historically Thinking" and receives recognition from the Journal of Song-Yuan Studies

The November 11, 2020 episode of the podcast series "Historically Thinking" with Al Zambone features an interview with Professor Pamela Crossley. They discuss her recent book, Hammer & Anvil: Nomad Rulers at the Forge of the Modern World (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019).  The book is also the basis for Professor Crossley's course, History 72.02, "Nomad Rulers and the Origins of the Modern World."

Also, Professor Crossley's article "Outside In: Power, Identity, and the Han Lineage of Jizhou" in Valerie Hansen and François Louis, eds., special edition of Journal of Song-Yuan Studies, Volume 43, 2013, pp. 51-89, has been selected as one of the 15 best articles published in the entire 50 year history of Journal of Song-Yuan Studies. It is the only article selected that is written by a specialist in an outside field (in this case, Qing history). The chosen articles will be given retrospective critiques by specialists in the forthcoming 50th volume of the journal.